Tuesday, 15 March 2016


We spent near enough all day yesterday in the garden, making the most of the lovely warm weather. The children enjoyed running, hopping, jumping and trying to skip up and down the garden as well as playing on the slide and the swings. Then time spent building sandcastles, playing with the dolls and play food. They were also fascinated with the different size daffodils we had, we talked about the different parts of the flower and they could see lots of pollen. I found a good picture showing some of the flower parts

and a more detailed drawing for M.

Seeing their interest yesterday, I thought we would pop into the florist after toddlers to get some white carnations to dye, some tulips and find another flower with obvious stamen that we could take apart and they could see all the parts and compare them. We were so lucky when I asked if they had some carnations and tulips, explaining what they needed them for, she came back with those and a large bunch of flowers, apparently they were all going over so couldn't be used in any of their bouquets etc but we were welcome to them.

So our first experiment was to show how water travels up the plant stem to the petals. I filled a small glass with water and added a lot of blue food colouring and then waited.

After half an hour you could already see that the dyed water had travelled up the stem to the petals.

An hour later the flowers were dyed a lovely blue, even if I do say it myself


and a few hours later even darker blue. 

 We also looked at the tulips and took one apart, looking at the petals, stamen, carpel and pollen. They lined up the petals and stamen and counted them.

 They then enjoyed making patterns and people with the petals etc, this led to much make believe and story telling.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day Crafts and Maps

My plan for Wednesday was to make Mother's day cards, which we did but they have also had great fun looking through this wonderful book called Maps. L loves finding out about different countries and luckily so do I and my minded children are really interested too.  After chatting with one of my minded parents, turns out they are the same, so my plan of looking at different countries and maps etc will be well supported. Each country is illustrated with main rivers, mountains etc marked on the map but then lots of other illustrations linked to that country, every time we look at a map again we see something new. Did see they also do a workbook to go with the Map book, L is a bit young for it at them moment but when she is older it might be one to add to our collection.

I also have a couple of sets of toob landmark packs, they are great the children can pick them up and really study them. We have then been naming them, finding which country they are from and then finding the country on our globe. As they were enjoying the buildings so much I found out this book - 13 Buildings Children Should Know and spent more time looking at the different buildings. They seem really interested in China still but also France and Egypt, so we will have a trip to the library to find some books on these countries and then plan some activities around them, as the children are really, really interested. We will still be using the activities from our favourite tales theme as some of them are linked into maps etc and they love stories and crafts.

For our Mother's Day cards, I made a heart template from a piece of cardboard, the children choose what colours and they sponge printed the heart and then wrote in the cards.